Opening or upgrading your studio?

You will need our fabulous studio grade poles.

Custom lengths up to 4.5M steel and brass 40 and 45mm X-Perts and Pro X-perts.


These poles are competition grade (CX), designed for extreme use and are not just a 'skin' finish. For use at home or in a professional studio, the solid brass or solid stainless poles have an additional steel inner tube - creating stability & superior strength.

We have two options for home or professional, studio use:

Build-a-Pole - The build-a-pole is an option allowing for greater flexibility of height adjustment. These are in stock now.

One Piece Pole – Custom made to work in your studio space. Choose your top mount, base & top insert separately. These are at additional cost to your pole. These are custom ordered and have a turn around time of 3 months. Plenty of time to organise your space!