Frequently asked questions


  1. How Strong Is An X-Pole?
  2. Which Finish Is Best?
  3. What Is The Difference In Pole Diameters (Thickness)?
  4. What Should I Wear?
  5. What Height Can An X-Pole Go Up To?
  6. My Ceiling Is Over 2745mm. Can I Still Buy An X-Pole?
  7. How Portable Is It?
  8. How Much Does The X-Pole Weigh?
  9. What Ceiling Surfaces Can I Use It On?
  10. What Model Pole Do I Have And What Extensions Or Joints Do I Order?
  11. Can I Use My Pole On Slanted Ceilings?
  12. What Floors Can X-Pole Be Used On?
  13. Will It Damage My Floor?
  14. Is The Pole Permanent?
  15. Is The Pole Portable?
  16. I’m Missing A Piece.
  17. Do I Need Anything Else To Put The Pole Up?
  18. What Are Joists?
  19. How Do I Locate Joists?
  20. What Is A Stud Finder?
  21. How Tight Does The Adjuster Have To Be?
  22. What Delivery Methods Are Available?
  23. How Long Will Delivery Take?
  24. Does X-Pole Have Insurance?


How Strong Is An X-Pole?

X-Pole has been designed for general pole dancing use. It uses high grade material and has been developed with strength and stability in mind. A dance pole is used in many different circumstances - gyms with sprung floors, different heights, different celling types etc. and any weight limits would also be dependent on how the pole in used. Approached and used properly an X-Pole will handle high weights - people weighing 115kg have used them as have two dancers (male and female) but a 115kg rugby player that takes a run and throws himself at the pole, introducing extreme side loads, is a different matter.

As far as strength and weight goes an X-Pole is capable of being danced on by anyone up to 115kg providing the pole is installed properly and used correctly. It is very important that its installation is checked regularly.


Which Finish Is Best?

X-Pole NZ primarily import the SPORT (NS), the XPERT (NX) and the X-Stage Lite in chrome which has the reputation as the best value, all round material for pole dancing. 80% of all X-Poles sold across the world are Chrome.

  • Chrome – most popular, competition standard, regular grip.  Chrome is the industry standard and most commonly purchased finish. It is used in many studios and competitions. This pole is made of steel tubing then finished with chromium plating. The chrome pole is also the most affordable pole finish.
  • Stainless Steel – best for sensitive skin and metal allergies, weather resistant, regular grip.
  • Brass – solid polished brass, high grip. This pole is great for those with sweaty/oily skin or dancing in humid climates. It is also hypoallergenic.
  • Silicone –pink or black, similar to Chinese pole, great for poling fully-clothed, maximum grip
  • Powder Coated – pink or black, maximum grip. Good for polers with grip issues and in cooler climates as pole does not heed to warm up.
  • Titanium Gold – electronically coated, enhanced grip. The titanium pole is made of steel tubing then finished with titanium Gold electronic plating to enhance grip. The titanium colour does fade with use, however the grip remains the same regardless of some colour fading.

*A note on the NZ climate - If you live in a coastal area, an area with high humidity, or are just planning on installing your pole in a garage or shed or elsewhere that it can be exposed to the elements, we strongly recommend you purchase a stainless steel pole - it is a very similar grip to chrome however it will not rust with exposure to the elements.

If you are unsure, please call or email our sales team who will recommend the best pole for your needs. 


What Is The Difference In Pole Diameters (Thickness)? 

  • 40mm – slimmest, sleekest pole, great for small hands
  • 45mm – most popular, great hand grip, industry & competition standard
  • 48mm – its a 40mm pole and becomes 48mm with silicone coating
  • 50mm – original (old style) pole size

Pole width is down to personal preference & what your previous experience is like. Feel free to email or call us if you want a recommendation.


What Should I Wear?

Pole exercise and dance moves require friction between skin and the pole therefore the more exposed skin the better. Shorts and a crop top are ideal, bikini for the more daring.

However, it is important to feel comfortable so wear what you feel comfortable wearing even if you may not be able to do some of the moves due to lack of friction.


What Height Can An X-Pole Go Up To?

Pressure supported X-Poles can be used up to 3.35m without the use of any additional ceiling fixing. For heights above this it is mandatory to have a ceiling plate.

If you intend to use an X-Pole above 3.35m please contact our sales office for further advice before purchasing.


My Ceiling Is Over 2745mm, Can I Still Buy An X-Pole?

Yes, X-Pole uses extensions to increase its height. Extensions are available from 125mm to 1000mm in length.

X-pole can be used up to 3350mm in standard format eg with dome provided in the X-Pert Pole set. Above that height it is mandatory to use additional support provided by a fixed ceiling plate which is purchased separately.  

X-Pole has been used at 4250mm with no problems but safety must always be a priority. Please call X-Pole technical support for help with poles above 3350mm.


How Portable Is It?

All X-Pert, Sport, X-Stage/X-Stage Lite as well as the A-Frame are supplied with a carry case or cases so they can be transported about easily. The Pro X-Pert does not include carry bags but they can be purchased at additional cost.

The tube carry cases in the bag can also hold additional optional extensions. Both carry cases have shoulder straps.

X-Pole was the first portable professional pole that could be carried from venue to venue and is credited with being the pole that expanded and help grow the pole exercise and dance industry.


How Much Does The X-Pole Weigh?

X-Poles vary in weight depending on the type of pole and the material it is made of.

X-Poles weigh between 15 ~ 20kg in their carry cases

However, with the heavier poles (X-Pert) the weight is split into a tube case and the base and upper case.


What Ceiling Surfaces Can I Use It On?

X-Pole can be used against almost any level ceiling surface. However a very rough surface will stop the ceiling plate from being flat. In these instances a fixed ceiling mount can be used.

X-Pole cannot be used on false or suspended ceilings.


What Model Pole Do I have And What Extensions Or Joints Do I Order?

X-Pole have released 3 different models over the last 10 years. 

1.  XP model was our first pole that had extensions that screwed together. It is the model that is most often copied illegally. X-Pole NZ did not import any of this model into NZ as the design had changed to the XS and XX model by the time we started. Any XP poles that are here in NZ would have been ordered from Australia if genuine. If they were purchased new in NZ and not purchased through a Pole school, you may have purchased an illegal copy which has some serious design flaws. Please contact us if you are unsure. 

  • Extensions: XP        
  • Joints: Not applicable


2.  XS  Sport Pole and the XX Xpert Pole. These poles were part of core stock from 2011 until August 2014 at which point the design was upgraded.  

  • Extensions: XS        
  • Joints: XJ

These extensions are currently not available through the webshop. Please contact to order.


3.  NS  Sport Pole and the NX Xpert Pole. These are the new design pole that arrived in August 2014. These are identifiable by a longer groove where the joint is housed and the new design bag which removes the need for cardboard tubing.

  • Extensions: NE        
  • Joints: NJ

There is a product available that will allow you to use a XS extension with a NX or NS pole. It is called an adapter joint

  • NJA-180, NJA-200 and NJA-250

These products are currently not available through the webshop. Please contact to order.


Can I Use My Pole On Slanted Ceilings?

If you have slanted, vaulted, cathedral style ceilings you can use our X-Pert poles. This can be done by purchasing a vaulted ceiling mount.


What Floors Can X-Pole Be Used On?

X-Pole can be used on virtually any floor concrete, wood, tile, carpet etc.

When using a pole on a carpet remember that when you tighten the pole, the carpet will compress anywhere from 3.8 – 5cm, so please be aware of this when measuring your ceiling and after initial set-up you may need to re-tighten.

If a pole is left standing on a carpet it can crease the carpet similar to a chair or any other fixture placed on it. 

If there is any doubt please call or email

Care needs to be taken on "floating" wooden or laminate floors to make sure the pole is fully compressed.


Will It Damage My Floor?

No it will not damage your floor as long as it is installed, used and maintained correctly. X-Pole has a soft silicone pad around the base. This gives excellent adhesion to virtually any surface and stops damage. X-Pole can be used on wood, tiles and carpet.

When using an X-Pole on carpet the pole must be taken down so a lasting indent is not made in the carpet.

Please watch the installation video when your pole arrives. The instruction manual has tips on how to maintain your pole.


 Is The Pole Permanent?

All of our poles are completely removable and portable. With the pressure mounted system, you do not have to drill on your ceiling or floor.

You may need a permanent fixture (mount) if your ceiling is above 3350mm or have a slanted ceiling, however the pole is still easily removable.


Is The Pole Portable?

All of our poles are portable! They will arrive with carry cases, so hang on to these in order to transport your pole easily.


I’m Missing A Piece

All X-Pert and Sport poles come with the following:

  • Base plate
  • A-Pole
  • B-Pole
  • 250mm extension
  • 125mm extension
  • 3 X-joints
  • Top adapter
  • Ceiling mount (dome for X-Pert, fixed plate for Sport)
  • 2 Hex-keys

Please note that the extensions will come attached with 2 of the X-joints for packaging purposes. Make sure to watch the installation video so you can have a visual of what to expect when opening up your package. You can detach these from one another if you are using an additional extension.


Do I Need Anything Else To Put The Pole Up?

Everything to assemble the actual X-Pole is in the box. Additional items that are recommended are:

  • A stud finder - to locate the joists in the ceiling.
  • A tape measure - to measure the ceiling height and the distance from the wall for future installations.
  • A pencil - to discretely mark the pole position.


What Are Joists?

Joists are the pieces of wood or metal that support the floors in a building. The ceiling is also normally attached to them. X-Pole uses pressure to stabilise it so it needs to be positioned against two joists.


How Do I Locate Joists?

Joists can be located by either tapping across the ceiling with a knuckle or with an electronic stud finder. With a knuckle you tap across until a more solid sound is heard - this is a joist or beam. A hollow sound is the space between the joists. A stud finder will locate the joist electronically (see what is a stud finder).


What Is A Stud Finder?

A stud finder is an electronic device that locates solid objects such as joists, beams etc. It senses changes in density of the material it is measuring and either 'beeps' or lights an LED.


How Tight Does The Adjuster Have To Be?

The X-Pole adjuster needs to be tight but not over tight. Tighten the adjuster and check the X-Pole for movement. Try a spin if there is no movement the X-Pole should be fine. If there is any movement further tighten the adjuster.

It helps to have someone stand on the base to compress the floor whilst tightening the adjuster, especially on sprung wooden floors.


What Delivery Methods Are Available?

X-Pole NZ delivers all poles by Courier Post and selected courier companies if it is a larger order. We negotiate the best delivery charges possible.

Delivery times are from the 'day of despatch'.  So if an order is placed on a Monday morning before 10am it should be despatched on Monday and delivered within 1 working day in Auckland and surrounding areas, within  2-3 working days in the rest of the North Island and within 4-5 working days to the South Island.

Due to the weight X-Stage and X-Stage Lite are delivered by dedicated delivery truck. X-Stage deliveries must be signed for.


How Long Will Delivery Take?

Providing an order is accepted, payment is received before 10am and the items are in stock, your order will be despatched the same day. Orders placed after 10am will be despatched the following X-Pole business day. Please note the office is only open Monday – Friday 9am until 4pm.

Guideline delivery timings are 1 to 2 days for Auckland, 2 to 3 days for remaining North Island and 3 to 4 days for the South Island. Delivery times are in 'working days' from the day of despatch, NOT the day of order. Please Note: There are no Saturday deliveries

X-Pole NZ will do its very best to ensure the delivery times are as mentioned above but no responsibility can be accepted for late delivery which is outside X-Pole's control.


Does X-Pole Have Insurance?

Yes, Vertical Leisure, X-Pole’s parent company, has product liability insurance. It covers any manufacturing fault with our products.  However, it does not cover misuse, incorrect installation, modification or any other personal or third party injury or damage caused by any of these. It also does not cover personal injury caused by the actual use of a pole which is entirely at the owner and/or users discretion.