XPERT (NXN) Pole Set - 40/45mm Chrome/Stainless/Brass

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The latest NXN 45mm Stainless and Brass XPERT is now available from X-Pole! Featuring the new space saver ceiling dome.

A significant benefit of the Stainless pole is that people who suffer from metal allergies can still pole dance! 

Key changes to the X-Poles are; New X-Joint with locking Key  - this is a big improvement over the previous pin system and makes the X-Joints even more rigid. You can feel the difference.

  • New improved X-Joint locking action to ensure joints are really tight.
  • New larger Hex Key with rubber cover to make tightening easier.
  • Fixed adjuster cover – no need to remove the cover any more to adjust or lock the adjuster.
  • Special adjuster alignment system  - to stop adjuster damage.
  • New marking system to stop over adjustment and simplify installation.
  • Increased screw sizes throughout – no more rounding off of critical screws
  • Improved static and spinning lock with larger flattened screw ends
  • New improved polishing  - higher grip on all poles
  • New strengthened Carry Cases featuring pockets for the pole tubes and not Velcro
  • New instructions with more drawings – makes installation clearer
  • New environmental boxing and inner tray - all paper with no foam!

If your ceiling height is above 2745mm you will require a further extension piece. Extensions needed for these new (NX) model sets are (NE) extensions found here: X-Pert Extensions (NE) 

If you aren't sure what length extension you need, check out our height calculator here.

Recommended Maximum Height: 3.35m - extra NE extensions and NJ joints will need to be purchased.


The X-Pert set contains:

  • Micro Base Plate - smaller base for minimum contact and maximum support
  • Main Pole A (bottom pole) with attached height adjuster rod and all NEW super-simple adjuster cover - Metal (not plastic) Adjuster Cover simply threads into place creating a smooth pole from top to bottom.  With no sharp edges or threads to scrape arms or legs, you can use the entire pole with confidence.
  • Main Pole B (top pole) - Only the Main Pole A and Main Pole B are needed for ceiling heights of 2235mm - 2375mm
  • Spinning/Static option - lock the pole for static and unlock for spinning.
  • 125mm extension - Attach this extension for ceiling heights 2360mm - 2500mm
  • 250mm extension - Attach this extension for ceiling heights of 2485mm - 2620mm
  • Combine both the 125mm with the 250mm for ceiling heights of 2610mm - 2745mm
  • 1x 180mm NEW X-Joint - Comes attached to the 125mm extension and used with the smallest extensions that are closest to the ceiling
  • 2x 200mm NEW X-Joints - Used to connect all larger pole pieces
  • Top Adapter - Attaches to the upper most pole piece/extension
  • Upper Support Dome - a wide dome that is able to grip a large surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support (comes with a silicone ring to protect your ceiling)
  • Hex Key Set - The ONLY tools you will need to properly set up your X-Pert!
  • 2x Carry Cases - One case is used for the pole pieces/extensions and the second is used for the micro base plate and upper support dome.
  • Photo Display Manual

Please note that the XS/XX extensions and XJ joints will not work with this pole set - however you can use a NJA adapter joint to mix the 2 designs if required.

PLease call the office on 022 101 9141 if you require further assistance.