Silkii Attachment

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Silkii is a NEW product and a relatively young concept within the pole & aerial market. This apparatus will allow you to attach a Silk to a pole, thus enabling you to perform tricks incorporating both Pole and Silks. This is great for performing and also to help train those harder pole tricks with additional assistance and support from the silk, often used as a conditioning tool the Silkii is a great addition to your Aerial training. 

Silkii can only be used with 40/45mm poles.

SILKii is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used in conjunction with any other pole except an X-POLE. SILKii is NOT to be used in conjunction with any Brass Stage pole. SILKii is NOT to be used on any pole that is only secured using an Upper Dome (XPERT pole) or Upper Plate (SPORT pole). A Fixed Mount is mandatory.

The SILKii can be installed at the top of an XPERT or SPORT pole that is mounted using a permanent fixing or on an X-Stage. SILKii MUST NOT be used on a stand-alone pole that is not secured using a permanent fixing/ceiling mount or a secured base. The SILKii should be installed at the top of the pole – over the X-Joint Hex Key hole as indicated - this could be done before the B-Pole is attached to the A-Pole, or a ladder will be needed. When installing on an X-STAGE, it is advisable to remove the B-Pole, then install the SILKii, before replacing the B-Pole. Additional weight is mandatory.